Restaurant Review: Treehouse Pub & Eatery

Last night was old-fashioned date night. These are the nights that couples sometimes forget to do: classic, stereotypical nights out. We went for pizza and movie- as quintessential as it gets. I LOVE date night. It’s fun to spruce up a little and have some quality “us” time without phones, friends, work, and whatnot. Sometimes we cook at home for date night; there’s something romantic about preparing a meal together. Other times, like last night, we go out to eat. We went for new and unknown, and we were not disappointed.

Our adventure took us to Treehouse Pub & Eatery in Davenport. This new, small bar/pizza kitchen opened in December. Right now they are featuring an abbreviated menu (about 8 appetizers to pick from and 15 preset entrees/pizzas as well as create your own) with hopes of expanding the kitchen and beer list soon. I was so satisfied with our meal, I almost hope they DON’T expand. Everything was delicious, fresh, cooked to order, and specially crafted. The unique pizza combos and burger topping options quickly had us debating which of literally all the options we were going to choose. Prices were very reasonable- $8 for an appetizer which can easily fill 4, and $15 for all specialty pizzas which could feed 2-3 comfortably.

Not only was the food excellent (see the menu featured in the featured photo section) but they also had a great beer list. At the time they have about 15 beers on tap and at least 50 bottles to pick from. They have every style imaginable as well to fit every taste bud. Our beers were between $4 and $5 a pour which made the whole meal a reasonable date night price.

All of this was coupled with fantastic service and well-curated decor. On their website, the Treehouse staff makes a point to mention that they have cycled through reclaimed barn and scrap wood in addition to metal accents to face and complete their store. The look is HGTV Fixer Upper style to a T- so, of course, I loved it. The staff was friendly and attentive. The owners were seen walking around and checking on every table as well as cooking meals with the staff. We even got to sample a salad which may appear on the extended menu.

Since they are only 2 months old, they were looking for reviews and feedback on social media. I reviewed them on Facebook, and they already personally responded to me, thanking me for my patronage and welcoming me back. They were busy all night and everyone seemed happy, so I think it is safe to say that Treehouse Pub & Eatery is going to become a QC staple quickly.

Featured here: 1/2 Colosseum Proscuitto and 1/2 Mediterranean  (I love that they do half and half of even the specialty pizzas!)


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