Restaurant Review: Cafe Indigo

I’ll admit that I’ve eaten out a lot the last few days. It’s one of those weekends where cooking at home just wasn’t an option. Thursday night was date night at Treehouse. Friday, I only had about a 2-hour turn around from when school ended to when I needed to be back for Teacher Appreciation night at the school play. Saturday, I helped celebrate my mom’s birthday with a one-week delayed Quad City celebration. Having the whole family drive out was a nice way to bring everyone together to celebrate throughout the day. Though this review will only feature Cafe Indigo, quad citizens alike should also check out the following:

  • Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie: This fabulous bakery has been such a lively addition to the Main Street Mafia in Downtown Davenport. The owner, Tiphanie, is wonderful and her pastries are to die for. She loves bringing back old family favorites and heritage recipes with a modern twist. My recommendation: try the salted caramel ding-dong, millionaire bar, or her specialty Tiph bars and you won’t be disappointed (although I’ve never had ANYTHING bad there so I doubt anything would disappoint).
  • Rudy’s Tacos: Want a quick and delicious taco lunch? Check out Rudy’s in any of their various QC locations. Don’t bother looking at the menu. Just get the order of 3 tacos with everything. You’ll thank me.

Now to the main review: Cafe Indigo on Utica Ridge Rd in Davenport. I have been coming to Cafe Indigo for breakfast and dinner for about 2 years now. My first time here was a dinner two years ago with Mitch. We “were dating” by his standards, and in confused status in my opinion. He took me here for my birthday and finally moved us into a clearer picture that night. Cafe Indigo is a quaint little restaurant tucked off the main strip of Utica Ridge Rd. It has few tables, an open kitchen, soft lighting, and indigo walls giving it a quaint, comfortable, cozy vibe.

The staff is lovely. They are knowledgeable about every piece of the menu and willing to adjust every recipe to fit what you want and need. Speaking of the menu, every item is wonderful. Their brunch is divine, and if you get there early enough, get their cinnamon rolls. They are arguably the best I’ve had. The dinner menu is no different. Each menu item is carefully crafted and prepared to feature specialty proteins and farm fresh, seasonal ingredients. The menu changes frequently to feature what is the best for their patrons. Be careful, though- they only make a certain amount of each entree a day. They don’t over prep, they hate wasted food, and they want everything to be at its finest. For example, last night I received the very last Duck Breast entree with Goat Cheese Polenta and Spinach (featured in the image with this post). The staff is more than willing to help find something you would like as replacement if this happens, though.

Everything here is quality, crafted to make every meal feel worth eating. Try the specials too- they are just as good. I had to include a picture of my french onion soup side that came with the duck last night as proof. It was just that good.


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