Take a Little Help Where You Can Get It

Sometimes long, convoluted recipes just aren’t what you feel like cooking. Sometimes making a list of ingredients and needing to go to the grocery store is not what you feel like doing (let’s be real: no one ever wants to go to the grocery store). Sometimes you just have to take some help from the store where you can get it. Store-brand products and pre-made items get a bad rep. People think they are all bad for you and way too expensive.

One item I splurge for is pre-made salad sets. I really enjoy interesting, flavorful salads. Part of my problem is I don’t think through all the ingredients that could go together early enough to actually but all of them and prep them. Enter the pre-made salad mix. I prefer Taylor Farms recently. I hear a lot of people saying that they don’t buy pre-made salad sets because the greens go bad too quickly. In the past, I have fallen victim to this too. That’s one of the main reasons I tried Taylor Farms in the first place. I was drawn to the interesting greens holding the salad together. The use kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and other hearty vegetables to prolong the life of your pre-made mix. Couple this with a separate container of crunchy and delicious toppings to add and a dressing packet, and the salad comes together really nicely. The sweet cranberry kale salad is featured in this picture.

There are just some things which are better taken care of by others; I would never have thought to shave brussels sprouts to enhance my salad or then what kind of dressing pairs well with kale. To buy all those vegetables to make the salad would have yielded 100 bowls of salad anyways. My $3.99 was much better spent with this pre-made mix, portion controlled so that I can have my salad and eat all of it too before it all goes bad.

So take my advice: try the pre-set stuff. Just because you cook at home doesn’t mean that you can’t help yourself out with a few of the steps. Enjoy.

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