Chicago Weekend: Homemade meals and Chicago Restaurant Week

I spent the part of the weekend enjoying a most wonderful Christmas gift celebration. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge musical nerd. I love show tunes, show-stopping numbers, the costumes, staging: I just really enjoy live theatre. For Christmas, Mitch got me the hottest ticket in Chicago- Hamilton: An American Musical. I’m still not sure how he managed to work it out or keep it a secret from me for almost 3 months, but I am so glad he did- what a treat.


In addition to this wonderful gift, we also enjoyed a romantic date dinner out on the town. Without my knowing, he had made reservations at this quaint Italian restaurant just around the corner from the theatre. Trattoria no.10 is literally a hidden gem. When you enter the front door, all you can do is go a floor down below the restaurant to the cozy dining room, filled with wooden arches, comfortable chairs, and the smell of fresh bread wafting through the air.

We had the surprise privilege of eating there during Chicago Restaurant Week. As featured in the key image for this post, there was a special three-course menu featuring some of the chef’s special creations and Trattoria staples. The menu was delicious. If you get a chance, the butternut squash ravioli- it’s a house staple and truly magnificent.

It was such a lovely day. Thank you to Mitchell for making it possible- I love you.

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