Long Days, Delicious Dinner at Night

I’m taking a break from recipes today to talk about some kids near and dear to my heart. As I wrote about last week, my speech team is competing in state series competition. We have now finished week two of three (sectional) in competition. I am proud to say that three of our 12 individual events, in addition to our Performance in the Round Team, have advanced to state competition.


A little bit about me and this team. We have about 30 active members on out team. In my three years of teaching at my current position, I have had the privilege of having 15 of them as current or former students. I have close relationships with these kids: their tears make me cry. Their smiles light up my day. Their frustration at hard work, and smiles when they get it motivate me to keep moving forward every single day. Two of these three were some of the first students I ever taught. This class was special to me. It was one of those groups which were small- 18 students- the ones where as a brand-new teacher, you worry about things getting “too comfortable.” It was right after lunch, and they always had too much energy. But, boy, did they work. They made every day a joy to be in school. Three more members of that class didn’t make it through sectional rounds this week, but they are coming to support these guys at state. That’s the kind of class it was- a family, truly bonded together.

Both of these students were convinced that Saturday night was going to be “the end” for them- that there was no way that as juniors they were going to survive. But here we are- fighting and taking on the powerhouse teams another week. This is just one more testament to their power, dedication, skills, and heart. I cannot wait to laugh, cry, eat ice cream, and connect with these students another week. Each week motivates them to continue. As seniors, I know they will inspire their teammates to greatness, lead by example, and never ever give up.

If you can’t tell, I was pretty jazzed coming home. I could not have asked for more that day. I came home to pork chops with a mushroom sauce, roasted broccoli, and fresh rolls. It was at that precise moment that I realize I hadn’t really eaten in the last 12 hours beyond some snacks. Mitch, yet again, took care of me and making sure I took care of myself. This was just another testament to how I have surrounded myself with people who truly care about me and my well-being.

I can’t wait to see what  next week brings.

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