Valentine’s Day at Home- Romantic Dinner for Two

Mitch spoiled me rotten this past Valentine’s Day. It actually started Friday night of last week. I attend barre fitness classes at a studio in Davenport called Barre563. I’ve been teasing Mitch about trying it for about a year. I know some people don’t buy into the Hallmark holiday stuff, but we make a point of still doing something to show the other just how much they still mean to us. His first step was to try out “Bring Your Guy to the Barre” night. He decided that it was definitely a challenge. I think he even felt a teensy bit sore the next day!


My actual Valentine’s Day started with a slew of surprises. I was sent flowers, a gift card, and deluxe cupcake to work. The highlight of that had to be the flowers. They were gorgeous- so gorgeous, in fact, that my 14-year-old freshmen girls thought their boyfriends were sending them. Sorry girlies- it takes a real man.


All of this was followed up by dinner at home. I was told explicitly to put my feet up and relax, so I did. Mitch set the table and prepared risotto and shrimp. He did everything himself- no assistance or questions to me. He even knew how to check the risotto for doneness without me. I was quite impressed! PS: This was a sneak secret picture. He was intensely involved.


After a relaxing meal, I got to pick a chick-flick, and he served a DELICIOUS Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie dessert- flourless chocolate cake decorated with chocolate covered strawberries. Apparently, they overbaked for a private order which got us the deluxe dessert. It was flawless (as usual over there).

It was a beautiful evening filled with love, laughs, and relaxation. The only downfall- having to get up for work on Wednesday morning. It was one of those nights that could have gone on forever. I love you, dear. Thank you for a beautiful night.

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