Restaurant Review: Hemispheres Bistro

I adore this place. I just wanted to start with that because if it seems like I am in love with it, I am. I first tried Hemispheres about 1 year ago in January of 2016. Mitch actually found it, tucked into a small strip center, under bright blue lights. If you aren’t looking for it, you might drive past it. But one step inside the doors, and you never want to leave again.

The restaurant features modern, elegant design focused on Chef Aman Razdan’s vision- modern East-meets-West lifestyle. Charcoal gray accents and clean lines offset a stunning bar and open kitchen. No matter when we have gone- to lunch, dinner, or special wine pairing meals, Chef Razdan is in the open window conducting his kitchen and expecting excellence. As a foodie and huge restaurant nerd, it is highly impressive and makes me want to keep coming back. Every plate is finished and approved under his watchful eye and sent out to dazzle customers.

The menu is constantly changing and features a “fast-casual” style, upscale lunch and filling, immaculate meals for supper more in line with steak houses or 5-star dining. I can honestly say that the best food I have eaten in all restaurants in the Quad City area has come from Hemispheres without a doubt. Featured in my post photo is the Onion Apple Soup and Chicken Naanwich. Even here, Chef Razdan has played with the traditional soup/sandwich combo. His Onion Apple Soup is a play on French Onion. The flavors are so balanced, you would never know apple was in it. The difference is that the sugars in the apples caramelize better and lead to a deeper, richer depth of flavor. The Chicken Naanwich was my branching out of comfort zone. Chef Razdan pulls from his native roots to craft a lot of Indian and Asian inspired fare. Though I typically do not like Indian food, I figured this would be the place to try the flavors. I was stunned- it was delicious: warm without being spicy chicken tikka masala, balanced with a sweet, date chutney and crispy veggies. This was all served with homemade naan bread which was still hot when served, speaking to its freshness and peak service.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a special meal out, or just to feel special eating a regular meal out. There are plates at every price and flavor point. Looking for a reason to go? Try one of their wine dinners (held about once every two months). They feature 5 courses and 5 glasses of wine for between $50 and $75 a person, tax included, depending on the meal prepared. After the wines are selected, Chef Razdan designs a menu of unique treats not seen on the regular dinner menu he thinks would pair with it. It’s a great way to see a cool restaurant and try some unique dishes!

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