Weekend Road Trip: Austin’s Booming Food Scene


This weekend, Mitch and I took a semi-impromptu road trip to Austin, TX. Mitch was going to be down there for a conference, and I decided to come down and meet up with him for the remainder of the weekend. Austin has always interested me- especially their growing food scene. As a food nerd, I have heard about their love of Tex-Mex cuisine and delicious barbecue traditions. Needless to say, I was not disappointed! We really could have spent the entire trip eating and never tried everything available. The photos below are some of our food highlights. There were so many more to try too!

A few of our highlights:

  • Gloria’s Latin Cuisine: This local favorite boasts reasonably priced Latin fare and delicious beverages. We enjoyed our meal on the patio overlooking 6th street. Service was fast, and the food was hot and fresh. I tried a combination plate, and Mitch had shrimp enchiladas. Both were delicious. Also, their chips and salsa was addictively good!
  • Voodoo Doughnuts: This local doughnut spot is open 24/7 (seriously) and boasts as master menu of over 50 doughnuts you can get baked fresh at any hour of the day. I was honestly overwhelmed by the choices walking in. If you’ve seen the show Man vs Food or Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, you’ve probably heard about the flagship store in this tiny chain in Portland, Oregon. In keeping with the “Keep Austin Weird” mentality, they brought their sinfully delicious creations south. Their namesake doughnut is a yeast voodoo doll filled with raspberry jelly, frosted in chocolate, decorated with a face, and served with pretzel sticks so you can perform your own voodoo sorcery.
  • Austin Fixe: We found this gem by total happenstance. We were trying to eat somewhere else but couldn’t get in, and Mitch found this place. It’s a cross of southern classics (think biscuit and fried chicken classics) done in new and unique ways with flavors you would never expect. We got a few smaller plates to share, and ended with the most fascinating dessert: red beans and rice. Yes, it sounds weird but when the menu billed it as a “trust us!!” we had to try it. The chef came table-side to explain the plate: a combination of red bean hushpuppies, toasted rice ice cream, ginger mousse, and red currant jam. All separate it sounded weird, but together it was fantastic. Highly recommended!

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