Dinner Date Night- Parmesan Crusted Steak

Mitch and I decided to put our cooking skills to the test in a high quality dinner date night. We decided to try our hand at a Parmesan crusted steak. There’s not much that screams luxury more than a crusted steak at the steakhouse- bubbling and brown with flavor. A few months back, my mom talked through how to do a bleu cheese and Parmesan cheese crusted steak. For our date night, we replicated this with baked potatoes and roasted green beans on the side.

For those who want to try a crusted steak (which is definitely not a $3 investment- it’s like 30 cents worth of pantry staples!) here are some tips for restaurant quality success:

– cook the steak 90% of the way before crusting. That way, when you put it in the broiler to brown the crust, it will just barely finish the steak

– make sure there are an equal parts of breadcrumbs/Panko breadcrumbs to cheese. The breadcrumbs are what give this substance, and hold the cheese together

– watch the broiler! Once a mix of melted butter, breadcrumb, and cheese is packed on, you need to put this under the broiler on high for a few minutes. Once it starts to brown, it will move fast, so keep an eye on it!

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