I have to start by saying that this blog is a direct result of my inability to start a new year without a New Year’s Resolution. 2017 was looking like a year that would be sans-resolution, and that just would not stand. I was ready for a new challenge to start the year. Work has been going well, grad school has been smooth sailing, and I needed to try something new. Everyone else had new goals, new motivations, and the last thing I wanted to be was stagnant. Thus, I give you Queen Cuisine.

For those who do not know me, I am a self-proclaimed food fanatic. I am “that person” at a restaurant who goes out to eat to try and guess how something was made and then replicate it at home. I take pictures of my food. Lots of pictures. I try not to repeat recipes more than once every few months. I watch Food Network more than any normal person does (or should). Yes, I am a fanatic, and that is where my inspiration came from.

During my typical Sunday afternoon routine, watching Food Network (and Cooking Channel on the commercials), I decided what the goal of this blog would be. I have a lot of recipes and I take a lot of pictures; couple those items together, and you will see what this blog will yield. My challenge to myself it to make this a food lover’s Mecca. Most days will feature my humble cooking skills. I plan to take pictures of my attempts at culinary tasks, featuring different ingredients, cookbooks, family recipes, kitchen tools, new restaurants, etc. My personal challenge is to not repeat a recipe from here until December 31, 2017. The task starts this evening with my first post. I am featuring a brand new recipe, from a brand new cookbook, in a brand new pan. If that isn’t Instagram-worthy, nothing is.

I will include recipes, pictures, and stories about my food and food experiences. There will be some days success is imminent, and others where I will gladly tell you about my mistakes and failed recipes to help your kitchen out too.

In my experience growing up, food has always been about family, tradition, trying something new, and learning for the future. This blog will highlight all of this and more. Step into my small apartment kitchen with me, and enjoy Queen Cuisine.